Blog ? How to earn money from blog ?

What is a Blog?

A blog is an online place where you can publish your thoughts on the internet through articles and pictures. You can write any type of article on the blog which may or may not be related to your life.( blogs blogs meaning blog writing and blogging websites blog writing ).

Like some people write on their blog about going for their picnic or about the tour which are related to their life. Some people also post things related to their knowledge on their blog such as a teacher maths tips, a mobile expert mobile tips or some technology updates.

blogs blogs meaning blog writing and blogging websites blog writing

What is the definition of a blog?

To understand what a blog is, let us first understand some definitions of the blog. Although it seems a bit boring to read, but it is very important.

# 1 Blog Definition by Howard Weblogs:

A Weblog This blog is a sequence of sequences of text, images, media objects and data, chronologically, viewable in an HTML browser.

# 2 Book – Blog Definition in Fundamental of Information Technology:

A collection of many posts… small, informal, sometimes surrounded by controversies and sometimes with a deep personality which is at the top with many refreshing details.

The great benefits of creating a blog

* There is no need for any type of job because blogging is better than many.

* You can start your online business through a blog.

* If you already have business then you can get more and more customers.

* The matter of earning money by becoming a blogger comes later, first of all, it improves your writing skills.

* You will get the rating of an author which is an honor.

* Your posts on the blog are easy to reach people and their views can also reach you instantly through comments.

* Along with growing our blog, we get a chance to learn a lot from a lot of people in the online world.

* You can be established as an expert in your field.

* You can create your own online network.

* Your knowledge about SEO can also increase, which is very important.

With the help of your email subscription option, you can also get a lot of email subscribers.

* You can sell many types of goods on blogs like – ebooks, services.

* You can put your thoughts in front of the world through a blog.

What are the differences between a blog and a website?
Blog Website
# Posts are written in the blog which are published by date, day and time.

# Posts in blogs are published regularly.

# The blog has a Comment section for readers.

# Blogs feature RSS feeds which visitors / readers can subscribe to.

# A blog can be part of a website.

For example – websites like Blogger Tips Tricks, Achhikhabar, 1Hindi, ShoutMeLoud, Labnol etc…

# The website’s homepage is static.

# A website can be created for many reasons such as – to sell product, Fan website for your followers, Social or Chatting website, Shopping or e-commerce website, to give your contact information to your website visitors.

# Homepage in Website is followed by other Service Pages which are all static.

For example – websites like Facebook, WWE, Alexa etc…

Let’s understand the word Blog a little?

From the definitions of the blog given above, we have understood what a blog is but there are some words associated with it such as Blogger, Blogging, which is very important to know about it.

What is a Blogger? Every person who makes a blog takes care of everything on that website, it is called Blogger. Blogging has become famous in the present day due to these people writing good blog posts.

What is Blogging? The way to write a post in a blog is called blogging. In blogging, people update their day-to-day experience and also write about current affairs.

Who does blogging and who is eligible for it?

In today’s day, the blogging on the Internet is very popular. Whoever wants to see their Expression and Thoughts from their Blog to the people.

These are the same people like you and me who write posts on their blog sitting at home and blogging. Anyone can do blogging, just in their mind, there should be a desire to publish their knowledge on the Internet through articles.

Blogging does not require any qualification of any kind. All you need is your blog, an internet connection and a computer (PC). If you do not have your own computer or PC, you can also go blogging by going to Internet Parlor, but having your own PC is more secure.

Why do people create blogs and want to blogging?

This is a very simple question that I have heard while asking people. People ask – Why do people make a Blog or Niche Website? What is the reason for people blogging?

The simple answer to this simple question is that people can put their Talent, Knowledge, Passion in front of the whole world through Blog.

The Internet is a place where you have endless access. It is up to you where you want to reach. A Blogger can reach out to millions of people through his blog, just to the extent that Blog’s Subscriber, Visitors should be there.

There are some bloggers online who post their own daily tasks on their blog and share it with people. But most of the bloggers are those who share their extreme knowledge by not telling the things related to their life. Such blog people like it more because it gives them a solution to their problems.

How to earn money from blog?

If you are a new blogger! So I can understand what is in your heart that I am also aware that the laddu which is bursting inside my mind to earn money from my blog soon? But in reality I am nothing like this. Earning money from blogging is not as easy as sitting in a canteen and drinking cold drinks.

This required time, hard work and rulefulness. It is like a CD in which you have to take one step after another and when you reach the top, no one can even count to what extent blogging can give you success.

How to earn money from blog? Best tips

# 1. First of all, apply for Adsense Ads today.

Adsense is the advertising network of Google which allows to publish ads on any right website. The publisher gets revenue from Adsense when people click on Ads. Adsense is the highest revenue generating company in the world. This is true for those websites whose website has a lot of web traffic.

To publish Google Adsense ads on your website, it is very important to read Google Ads Terms and Privacy Policy. This is because no website gets Publisher Approval from Google Adsense without meeting Google’s terms.

If your website gets Approval then it is also important to pay attention whether you are publishing ads on your website at the right place or not. If you have not put Adsense ads on your website according to their terms, then even Google Adsense can punish you by blocking your account.

#2. Other Banner Ads

If for some reason you do not get approval from Adsense, then there are many more Ads Network websites on the internet which allow the advertisement to be published online and also the chance to earn good money.

# 3 Affiliate networks

If the traffic of your website is very high, then it would be right to choose any good affiliate network instead of choosing the advertising network to earn money. The selling of products of any good company through its website is called Affiliate Marketing. In such a situation, the company with the product offers the website owner some pay as commission of the price of that product.

You can put Affiliate Ads on your website in many ways like in your post, in the side bar, through link ads and you through Pop Up Ads.

# 4 Ebook Writing and Selling Ebook

If you are a good writer and want to sell your books, then creating your blog is a very good idea. If you want, you can sell your written ebook as PDF on your website or blog. You can also sell others’ ebook on your blog through affiliate marketing.

# 5 Advertise others’ ads and links on your website

There are many websites that require Paid traffic for their website, in such a situation, they take help of those websites who take some money and put a link or banner of your website on their website for some time.

If you can bring a lot of traffic to your website by making your website very good and successful, then you can also put Paid Link Ads on your website and reduce the money.

# 6 Sell your website (Sell your blog or website)

If the earning of your website is good but you do not want to go ahead with that website and want to leave, then you can sell websites like at a good price.

# 7 Software and Apps

If you know how to create or design software, you can sell it on your website. Be it Android apps, Windows apps or any other platform.

# 8 sponsored post

People can write posts in their blog, but it takes more time to earn money because to bring traffic to any new website on the internet, posts with good keywords are required and people have to write according to their needs.

In such a situation, a new way to earn money quickly is to write Paid post or sponsored post for another website. If people visit your website on the scale of lakhs per day, then you can lose a lot of money from sponsored posts. In a sponsored post, the Admin / Author of the blog or website writes a detailed post on his blog about any other product or company, for which that website owner is already paid Amount Paid.

#9. Providing online services

You can also provide many types of online services on your blog or website. You can also make your website or blog like a community where people can solve their problems. You can provide many types of tools on your website, which can help people in solving the problem of online. If you are a teacher, then you can also teach students on your website online. If you are a doctor, then you can solve the problems of the patient online.


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