The Republic Day of India, 2020

Across the all India and Indian celebrate much awaited Republic Day each year with lots of happiness and joy of celebrations.

 It is a historical event for India’s constitution. On this day India was implemented on January 26, 1950. On this day by each and every Indian, Republic Day is celebrated with great joy, patriotism and enthusiasm, in a motion with respect towards India. All Indian as on this day the nation become an independent republic. This year India will celebrates its 70th Republic Day and as usual New Delhi (capital of India) will host a vast range of events displaying military parades and cultural backdrop. As legacy all the well known and well served servicemen and honored peoples will celebrates the day.

Who will be the Chief Guest on 70th Republic Day

According to the news from aajtak and newnation, The Brazilian President Jail Bolsonaro is going to be the chief minister of Republic Day 2020, at the as usual near India Gate New Delhi, Capital of India.

Why 26th January is celebrated as Republic day / History of Republic Day.

26th January Republic Day 2020
26th January Republic Day

According to the old missionaries all the strong people and parties and also the leader were came together and pledge for complete independence of India on 26th January, Although its took long root from 15th of august as Independence of India. That’s why Indian all over the world celebrates 26th January as REPUBLIC DAY OF INDIA.

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