Introduction to Coral Draw & its tools.

Introduction to Coral Draw

Introduction to Coral Draw

Corel Draw is an important software for graphic design, through which you can create any design or photo. Similarly, Photoshop is also photo editing software through which photos are edited in Photoshop, editing in photos is done in Pixels, whose quality of the photo remains to a limited extent. If you zoom in and see the photo, its pixels start to fade and if you edit a photo through Corel Draw, then if you zoom in and see the photo, it looks absolutely clear.

Corel Draw is a designing and professional image making software used to design logos, cartoons, visiting cards, invitation cards, magazines, advertising designs, from small posters to large posters, web sites, etc. Corel Draw is a vector software, no matter how big the design you create in Corel Draw, its resolution and quality will not be affected. In this way Corel Draw becomes a smoother picture than a bitmap.

Other software works on the basis of bitmap image. Bitmap image is created with the help of pixels. Thousands of pixels together make an image and the resolution of the image changes after zooming in, thus changing the size of the bitmap image makes the picture quality worse. There is no problem due to it being a Corel Draw vector wedge software, thus Corel Draw is the best software for graphics design.

Features of Corel Draw x5

  • Compared to the earlier version of Corel Draw x4, the new version of Corel Draw x5 is available with more power and creativity.
  • Compared to the older version, this version has more quality and the ability to manage color.
  • This version of Corel Draw inherits vector illustration tools and web capabilities.
  • With the new feature of Corel Draw, you can find photos, images and graphics fast from your own computer.
  • In this version, learning tools like video tutorials are available for your convenience.
  • In this version of Corel Draw, it supports more than 100 file formats so that we can save the graphic anywhere.

CorelDRAW Tools

Pick tool – Select, position, or transform objects.
Freehand Pick tool – Select objects by using a freehand selection marquee. Position and transform objects.
Shape tool (F10) – Edit a curve object or text character by manipulating nodes.
Smudge Brush tool – Change the shape of an object by dragging along its outline.
Roughen Brush tool – Distort the edge of an object by dragging along its outline.
Free Transform tool – Rotate, skew, mirror, and scale objects.
Smear tool – Change the edge of an object by dragging along its outline.
Twirl tool – Add swirl effects by dragging along the outline of an object.
Attract tool – Reshape objects by attracting nodes to the cursor.
Repel tool – Reshape objects by pushing nodes away from the cursor.
Smooth tool – Smooth object by dragging along its outline.
Crop tool – Remove the areas outside a selection.
Knife tool – Slice an object to split it into two separate objects.
Eraser tool (X) – Remove unwanted areas in a drawing.
Virtual Segment Delete tool – Remove overlapping segments in objects.
Zoom tool (Z) – Change the magnification level of the document window.
Pan tool (H) – Drag hidden areas of a drawing into view without changing the zoom level.
Freehand tool (F5) – Draw curves and straight line segments.
2-Point Line tool – Draw a straight line by drawing from the starting point to the endpoint.
Bezier tool – Draw curves one segment at a time.
Artistic Media tool (I) – Add artistic brush, spray, and calligraphic effects by using freehand strokes.
Pen tool – Draw curves in segments, and preview each segment as you draw.
B-Spline tool – Draw curved lines by setting control points that shape the curve without breaking it into segments.
Polyline tool – Draw connected curves and straight lines in one continuous action.
3-Point Curve tool – Draw a curve by dragging from the starting point to the endpoint and then positioning the center point.
Smart Fill tool – Create objects from overlapping areas, and apply a fill to those objects.
Smart Drawing tool (Shift+S) – Convert freehand strokes to basic shapes or smoothed curves.
Rectangle tool (F6) – Draw squares and rectangles by dragging in the drawing window.
3-Point Rectangle tool – Draw rectangles at an angle.
Elipse tool (F7) – Draw circles and elipses by dragging in the drawing window.
3-Point Elipse tool – Draws elipses at an angle.
Polygon tool (Y) – Draw polygons by draggig in the drawing window.
Star tool – Draw uniform, outlined stars.
Complex Star tool – Draw stars that have intersecting sides.
Graph Paper tool (D) – Draw a grid.
Spiral tool (A) – Draw symmetrical and logarithmic spirals.
Basic Shapes tool – Draw triangles, circles, cylinders, hearts and other shapes.
Arrow Shapes tool – Draw arrows of various shapes and directions.
Flowchart Shapes tool – Draw flowchart symbols.
Banner Shapes tool – Draw ribbon objects and explosion shapes.
Callout Shapes tool – Draw labels and speech bubbles.
Text tool (F8) – Add and edit paragraph and artistic text.
Table tool – Draw, select, and edit tables.
Parallel Dimension tool – Draw slanted dimension lines.
Horizontal or Vertical Dimension tool – Draw horizontal or vertical dimension lines.
Angular Dimension tool – Draw angular dimension lines.
Segment Dimension tool – Display the distance between end nodes on single or multiple segments.
3-Point Callout tool – Draw a callout with a two-segment leadingline.
Straight-Line Connector tool – Draw a straight line to connect two objects.
Right-Angle Connector tool – Draw a right angle to connect two objects.
Right-Angle Round Connector tool – Draw a right angle with a rounded corner to connect two objects.
Edit Anchor tool – Modify the connector line anchor points of objects.
Blend tool – Blend objects by creating a progression of intermediate objects and colors.
Contour tool – Apply a series of concentric shapes that radiate into or out of an object.
Distort tool -Transform objets by applying Push and Pull, Zipper, or Twister effects.
Drop Shadow tool – Apply shadows behind or below objects.
Envelope tool – Change the shape of an object by applying and dragging the nodes of an envelope.
Extrude tool – Apply 3D efect to objects to create the illusion of depth.
Transparency tool – Partially reveal image areas underneath the object.
Color Eyedropper tool – Sample colors, and apply them to objects.
Outline Pen (F12) – Set outline properties sucj as line thickness, corner shape, and arrow type.
Outline Color (Shift+F12) – Choose the outline color by using color viewers and color palettes.
Uniform Fill (Shift+F11) – Choose a solid fill color for an object by using color palettes, color viewers, color harmonies, or color blends.
Fountain Fill (F11) – Fill an object with a gradient of colors or shades.
Pattern Fill – Apply a preset pattern fill to an object or create a custom pattern fill.
Texture Fill – Apply preset texture fills to objects to create the illusion of a variety of textures, such as water, clouds and stone.
PostScript Fill – Apply an intricate PostScript texture fill to an object.
Interactive Fill tool (G) – Create a fill dynamically by using markers in the drawing window and property bar to change the angle, midpoint, and color.
Mesh Fill tool (M) – Fill an object by blending multiple colors or shades arranged over a mesh grid.

How to install coral draw:

Hardware Requirements to Install Corel Draw

  • When you install Corel Draw, Corel Draw reserves 750 MB of space on your computer hard disk.
  • Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64 or either AMD Processor is required.
  • Corel Draw requires 512 MB of RAM.
  • The screen resolution of the computer should be 1024 * 768 for Corel Draw.
  • You must have a mouse, tablet and DVD drive.

Installation setup for Corel draw

  • To install Corel Draw on a computer, you must first install the .NET Framework 3.5-servicepack 1.
  • To install Corel Draw X5 in a computer, its installation runs automatically after placing the DVD in the DVD drive.


When you click on the DVD drive icon in your computer under My Computer, you will find the Corel Draw x5 icon, then you double click on that icon, then you see a list of all the files available in that DVD as soon as you see it Only when you double click on a file named setup.exe, it starts running.

  • When you double click on it, the screen of Installing the setup will appear on the window of your computer.

When you install, then you are asked two questions –

  1. I have a serial number.
  2. I do not have a serial number and want to try product.

If you want to install the flower of the product, then click on the first option and if you want to install the trial version, then you select the second option and click on the Next button.

As soon as Corel Draw is installed in your computer, a screen will be displayed in front of you which has a finish button and the installation is finished by clicking on it.

  • When Corel Draw is installed in your computer, then you will flow the steps given below-


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